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Biomedical Science Pathway

Biomedical Science Pathway
Advisor: Matt Jones
Biomedical pathway career options include: Medical doctor, nursing, forensic scientist, microbiologist, therapist, pharmacist, and/or any career in the medical field. The biomedical science pathway is designed to give students an opportunity to learn and experience science through the fields of biology and medicine. The heart of the pathway is the Project Lead the Way curriculum, which will give students opportunities to be exposed to a wide variety of medical professions, instruments, technology, and more through four-year-long, experiential classes.

Are you interested in a career in science, medicine, or engineering?

Our Biomedical Program prepares students for careers such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, EMT, forensics, bioengineering, imaging, and many other fields. 

We have 5 years of science coursework that utilizes hands on, real-life skills:

  • Principles of Biomedical Sciences (1 year)
  • Human Body Systems (1 year)
  • Health Occupations (1-2 semesters)
  • Medical Terminology and Applications (1 year)
  • Medical Interventions (1 year)

These skills include suturing, casting, dissections, and genetic engineering. Students in our Human Body Systems coursework create models of the body using artistic clay as they learn about body structures. Students in our Medical Terminology class practice how to apply tourniquets from an ER doctor while learning to speak the language of medicine. Students in our Medical Interventions class will learn how to genetically engineer organisms. Students in Health Occupations learn to make sunscreen and tape ankles for pharmacology and sports medicine modules. EMT's test clothing flammability, and dental students practice drilling model teeth. Our Medical Terminology and Applications Students participate in internships at the hospital, including medical imaging, surgery, lab services, nursing, and pharmacy. 

You can enroll during any year of school, but we have approximately 5.5 years of curriculum that can help you prepare to enter these competitive fields.